Monday, November 21, 2011

Prophesy in the New Testament!

So, having spend so many weeks looking at the Old Testament Prophesies of Jesus, now we will head to the New Testament!  The first chapter of Luke, and some of the first chapter of Matthew are prophetic as well, but this will also be a time to transition into the Christmas Story!

Please this week read Luke 1:1-25!  This is also the beginning of the story we'll be focusing on for Advent this week!

Can't wait to hear what you think!  What is your impression?  What would you think if you were Elizabeth?  Zechariah?


Pastor Emily

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Mary said...

Zechariah and Elizabeth were descended from the lines of priests, those who served in God's temple. They were "upright" and followed all the commandments of God and regulations of their religions without a mistake! That's saying quite a bit! But still when Zechariah was given one of the most sacred jobs to go into the holy part of the temple to light the incense while the congregation prayed outside, he was afraid of what he saw and couldn't believe what he heard. I wonder how much of what the angel said to him about what the son, John would do was Z. able to explain without a voice to Elizabeth. I guess she was thrilled enough with the news of God allowing her to have a son! And Z. had time to think about what he had heard and how he would share it with E. and others.