Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Way Late....

Ok, I'm late and will make this short.

Your assignment this week is John 1....Lets see what John has to say about the birth story!!!

Pastor Emily

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Mary said...

John tells us:
Jesus the Messiah was in the beginning(always has been with God). Jesus is God's Word (how God spoke the creation) Jesus is how God created everything. Jesus is light (not darkness). He shows us God's glory (light). John the Baptist witnessed about Jesus the Messiah. Jesus was not know by his own (the Jews). Jesus is the One and Only (one of a kind, none like Him). Jesus shows us what God is like. Jesus is human, what humanity was intended to be. Jesus is our connection to the Creator of life. Jesus is the Lamb of God- the sacrifice for our sins. Jesus is God with us.