Monday, October 10, 2011

Isaiah 11!!!

More of Isaiah's prophesy to Ahaz!  This is another section we know well!

Read this one with the ears again of the Jews that heard this from Isaiah.  What a hard challenge!  We read these each year at Christmas!  We KNOW that they point to Jesus.  But, try--try to forget those things, and imagine yourself as a Jew, in exile in Babylon.

1) Read the chapter twice.
2) Pray and walk away from it.
3) Read it again and answer the questions.

1) What points to Jesus?
2) What doesn't point to Jesus?
3)  If you were a Jew in exile--what would your Messiah look like?
4) What hit you powerfully in this passage?
5) So, what is the point of this?  What have you learned examining these passages?

Love and Blessings!
Pastor Emily

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