Monday, October 31, 2011

Jeremiah 23, revisited

So, for a moment of honesty.

Its hard to write this second post when no one comments.  I try to write them off of what you say, and when you don't comment, its hard. So, between Trunk or Treat and other things, I didn't get to this last week.


But, back to the study--we have some new folks following along, and I am excited for them to join us!

What were your thoughts on Jeremiah 23?  Like Becky, I saw only one verse that spoke to Jesus specifically.  And yes, Jesus was from the line of David, but this passage seemed to point more to a military king and presence than to the Jesus I know.

To me, this is the clearest example of a prophesy that meant something to the Ancient Jews that seems to point less to Jesus.

What do you think?



mary said...

To me verses 5 & 6 refer to Jesus in the End Times, like what we read in Revelation. This is the Messiah the Jews were looking for when Jesus was born. They expected Jesus to save Judah and keep Israel safe in their time. But I think it refers to to Jesus's second coming, when he will reign on earth for 1000 years (Rev.20) The Lord Our Righteousness means that God is trying to produce righteousness in all those who are in relation with Him.
To me the rest of the chapter is poor Jerimiah having to tell people that the judgement is here, no time to repent and it will continue until God accomplishes his purposes. As humans we can't understand God's wrath, or His purposes. It's better to focus on His Love and try to stay in a relationship with him so he can help us with the righteousness thing.

Lindsay said...

Ahhh... sorry about not commenting on this one! I agree about the military king. That didn't really remind me of Jesus. However, there are lots of references to things the Jews would understand... Sodom & Gomorrah, Egypt.