Monday, October 17, 2011

The Suffering Servant!

I am sure I say this a lot (well, I know I do!), but Isaiah 53 is one of my favorite pieces of scripture.  This is odd, because it is kind of violent.  It is not a pretty picture.  But it speaks so much to my vision of God.  And of love.  Please read Isiaah 52:13-Isaiah 53:12 carefully.  Several times.  I'm not going to give a specific details, just read it.  To yourself.  Aloud.  To someone else.  Pray about it.  Pray the scripture.  Do what you need to do to inhale this passage and let it speak to you.

Then think about these questions:

1) What would thie passage mean to a Jew in Exile? 
2) What points to Jesus?
3) What does this passage mean to you today?
4) What does this passage say about God?

The questions are simple, I look forward to hearing your responses!


Pastor Emily

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mary said...

To a Jew in Exile this passage might make them think of their nation's suffering and give him hope to see the light of life.
But so many words point to Jesus and his suffering and death. 52:14 his appearance so disfigured beyond human likeness refers to Jesus being beaten before the crucifixion. 53:5 he was pierced on the cross to be sure he was dead. He did not open his mouth like it says in 53:7. He was laid in a rich man's tomb 53:9.
To me this means that God knew how his son would be received on earth and how Jesus's suffering and death would be the sacrifice that would redeem me and would allow my sins to be forgiven.
In the old testament time people thought suffering was punishment for your sins or like Job, to test our faith. But Jesus was innocent and yet suffered for our sins in order to redeem us.