Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeremiah 23

Please Read Jeremiah 23 this week! 

Lets see what God is saying to us!

1) What would you think the ancient Jews would have thought about this prophesy?
2) What do you see that points to Jesus?
3) What is speaking to you out of this?

Pastor Emily

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Anonymous said...

Becky Black:
If you are one of the ones who is prophesizing, you should be scared; however, being out of touch with God (or just wanting your own power), I am not sure you would hear the warnings. If you were one of the regular folks hearing the prophesies, you might be thrown into confusion: 'who do I listen to?'; 'how do I know what to believe or whom to believe'; 'just what is the truth?'etc. I think it would have been difficult for them as they relied on the priests and prophets for their word from God. Most were unable to read and did not have access to God's Holy word.

As to what points to Jesus, verse 5, the raising up of a righteous branch for David.

I think for us today, we need to build our own relationship with God. Not simply rely on others to teach us about God. and as Wallace said yesterday, know the Bible yourself.