Friday, August 3, 2012

Four for One

Apologies on missing yesterday.  No excuse other than being overwhelmed.  

Here are my thoughts:

1) Psalm 121 is one of my favorites!  The Sound of Music Psalm!  Such comforting words!
2) Psalm 122 has the best benedictions/prayers for blessings in verses 6-9!
3) Psalm 123 There is a lot of lifting up our eyes.  I like the concept that when we are down, our heads and hearts buried that we can look to God who is above for comfort and strength!  I love it!
4) Do the words in Psalm 124 sound like Our God at all?  Maybe not word for word, but they make me think of it!

I hope your day is going wonderfully!

Praying for you!
Pastor Emily 


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I have used verse 1 from Psalm 121 and verse 7 from Psalm 124 in my devotions. I think I will be using verse 8 from 121 next.
Yes! I love this collection of Psalms and the blessing prayers in 122 are great.
Blessings to you!

mom said...

Even when overwhelmed, God is watching over us, keeping us from harm, watching our coming and going.
Praying for peace in our homes, our cities, our churches is just as important today as it was then.
A good servant is both obedient and dependent on his master. We can ask God our Master to protect us.
When we are overwhelmed, God can keep the raging waters from sweeping us away.

mom said...

Just remembered from another Bible study that these songs of ascents were songs the Israelites sang as they made their way to the Temple-on a pilgrimage from all over. 120 and 121 sound like a journey from a land without God and then through the mountains where God keeps them safe. In 122 they reach the city, Jerusalem (City of Peace)and pray for peace. The pilgrims look to (focus on) God in 123. They turn to God, even when others ridicule them. Then in 124 the pilgrim remembers the times when they had been in trouble and God was on their side.