Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its done

I left the house today at 10 am to write this post.  It was my day off, but I figured I could do that one LAST post at least..  I walked into Starbucks at the same time as a Barista walked in.  This young man and I have debated and talked about God on numerous occasions.  He's torn between the faith he grew up with and the challenges he sees in the world.  He doesn't like to talk about "church", even when he talks about God.  We talked for ten minutes about people he was worried about.  He asked me to pray.  My heart almost melted.

I walked in the store and saw a church member.  We talked and chatted and I met a friend of his.  Then a new KSU freshman who had just walked in called me and came to meet me.  He got lost twice trying to make it the 1.5 miles, but found us.  We gave him options to look for part time jobs, and the low down on KUMC.  While we were talking, a frazzle mother with a pouting 3 year old walked past. I went an gave her the encouragement I could.  Then I realized the college student didn't have a TV so we went to church and got him one that had been lying around for months.

By the time I finished that, found lunch, and went back home, I decided to try to write the post again.  As I walked back into Starbucks, I saw more people I hadn't for a while.  I tried to make it short, knowing I needed to write this post, but they followed me inside.  An hour and a half later, we had cried, questioned, talked about God and laughed.  

Its amazing what ministry happens when you aren't looking.

What did you learn in the last 90 days?

I learned that God moved then and moves now--and sometimes worrying about the details just gets in the way of God's moving

I learned that I don't understand God, and I'm not sure the Psalmist did either.

I learned that I know more scripture than I ever thought I did.

I learned that I don't always have time to write every day.

I learned that I love reading scripture, but don't always have words as much as I have feelings about it.

I learned that the Psalms aren't as uplifting as I wanted them to be.

I learned God is bigger than I am, and that's awesome.

What have you learned?

Psalm 150 has always been one of my favorites.  I love the unabandoned praise.  I pray I learned most of all that my life needs to be full of praise.  

Pastor Emily 


mom said...

I like to remember "the Lord takes delight in His people" from 149. Kind of like when I walk down the hall and see one of our preschoolers do something cute or sweet. Does God go "Ohh, so sweet!"
I also like that it takes all these different instruments to praise God and everything that has breath- 150. So all God's different children, each one of us, should praise God.
Thanks for taking us through the Psalms, Emily!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

This has been a terrific study, Emily, and you have done a great job with your reflections and prompts.
Reading the Psalms always reminds me of our shared human frailties - our fears, illnesses, anger - but, in spite of us, our steadfast God can work miracles in our lives.
I love what you said: "I learned that God moved then and moves now . . ." Yes! How we too often get in the way of His wanting to move us!
Already looking forward to our next shared study.
Blessings to you!