Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In our divided world of congregations, denominations, families, divorce, political parties, and more--how do we live into the unity that Psalm 133 talks about.

I would figure that in ancient Judaism there was less chance to freely state your opinion.  Less chance to believe it mattered than in our time.  Yet and still they had problems with unity.  

Lets mediate and pray on that today.  How will you find new ways to unite with others who aren't like you?  How will you find new ways to create unity in your family.  In your church?  In your work place?

I want some of the precious oil.  How about you?

Pastor Emily 


mom said...

In John 17 Christ prayed that His followers would be one, so the world would believe. It is because of Christ that Christians are united no matter what church they go to, or what service in church they attend.
Today we had parent orientation at Head Start preschool. I stood in front of a diverse group of people, diverse by age, race, nationality, language, yet I sensed a feeling of unity as we all were there for the benefit of the children. United in purpose and action, like our families and God's family should be.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I just finished reading a friend's post. She lives in the Philippines where they suffer flooding from time to time. She so eloquently noted that in times of adversity, we forget our differences and work together to make things happen for good. It's sad that it takes such to erase our differences, to bind us together as human beings, valued and loved by God, but if the lesson is learned, perhaps we can go forward in love.