Friday, June 8, 2012


Psalms 9 and 10 are an acrostic poem.  An acrostic goes through each letter of the alphabet to start each stanza.  It also seems as if they are one hymn instead of two. 

I love so many of the verses (9:13-14, 18, 10:1, 4, 12, etc), but I thought today I would write my own acrostic Psalm.  God is mighty.  I am thankful!

All-powerful God, we cry out in our time of need.
Be for us the power and salvation and love that is missing.
'Cause our world is so broken.
Damage and strife and pain are all that we know.
Everything seems to be broken.
For we are evil, even though you made us good.
Goodness and mercy seem far off.
How is it that you still love us?
I bow at your feet in repentance and honor.
Jesus, be our redeemer, our friend, our brother.
King of Kings, mighty God, Prince of Peace
Let us never forget your promises
May we live into your grace
Never may we forget the truths of your righteousness.
O Holy one, let us love like you do.
Protect us from evil, save us from ourselves, let us love.
Question us, search us, and find us good.
Revive us so we can be your mighty people, called by your name
Send us out into your broken world to be your healers
To leave your creation better than we found it.
Use us to love the lonely, heal the hurting, calm the storm
Very great are the tasks you set before us.
When we are tired, give us strength.
'Xamine us and make us holy
Your ways are the best, let us live into them.
Zoom back to our hearts and our lives.

Really?  Why does the alphabet have to end with z.  HA!

Hope you liked my silly "Psalm".



Anonymous said...

Great modern psalm! "Z" and "x"amine! - very creative. Thank you!

Mom said...

We want God to take care of the evil in our lives now. Hurry up and judge and punish now, God.
Evil thinks he can get away with it; God won't punish him. But God reigns and hears the prayers and cries of the weak, the oppressed.
Whose side are we on? Who should we help, defend and encourage?

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I love, love, love your psalm, Emily! How creative you are! It truly makes for a beautiful prayer.

Carol Flores said...

9:16 The wicked were ensnared by their own actions! However it is achieved, this Psalm tells me that our deliverance from our enemies and from evil should be an occasion of thankfulness, happiness and witnessing about it to others.
I saw myself if Psalm 10. So arrogant thinking that i will not be accountable for my words disguised as helpful but really hurtful. Thank you God for speaking across the millennia to eyes and ears that need to see and to hear your Word. Amen.

Lynne Watts said...

Accept our prayers of praise
Break our hearts with what breaks yours
Convict us of our sinful ways
Deliver us from doubt
Ease our suffering
Form us, mold us into your image
Give us to day our daily bread
Hear the desires of our heart
Inspire us to do great things
Join us in fellowship with one another
Kindle in us the fire of your love
Lift us up out of despair and depression
Mend our broken hearts and broken spirits
Nurture our talents to bring you glory
Open our eyes to your fingerprints in our world
Penetrate our defenses and false perceptions
Quiet our fears and worries with your presence
Restore in us a right spirit
Strengthen us to be a bold witness to you
Teach us to follow in your path always
Unite us that we may bring you glory
Vanquish the our spiritual enemies that we may draw closer to you
Wash us clean as snow with your blood and sacrifice
Xcite us with a passion for you alone
Zap us with the fruits of the spirit that we may praise and serve you forever!

Lynne Watts said...

You are right... X and Z are a little tricky--that was fun!