Saturday, June 16, 2012


Psalm 25:21, "Let integrity and virtue guard me, because I hope in you".

That line makes me stop.  Integrity and virtue guard us from many things.  Not from everything. Being good doesn't make our lives necessarily easy. But, there is much peace and joy that comes from living a good life.  From being honest and true and loving.  From finding joy and not cheating and making good choices in love and family and life.  Sometimes those are the only guards we have from the evil.  I love that line, and it might be a line I pray in the future, especially when I have to make tough choices to follow God despite all obstacles.  

But then the first few lines of Psalm 26 stopped me.

"Establish justice for me, Lord, because I have walked with integrity.  I've trusted in the Lord without wavering.  Examine me Lord, put me to the test!  Purify my mind and my heart".

I often pray that.  God, make things right  for me. I'm doing what you asked.  God, make my way easy, I'm following you.  I've trusted you!  You can put me to the test--I've passed them all.  Make me clean.

I love the way these Psalms seem are so real.  Authentic.  Yes Lord, this is who I am and what I feel.  God, I've done the best I can.  Take my sacrifice.  Fix me.  Love me.  Cleanse me.

I'm feeling so empowered.  How about you?  What has reading these Psalms done for you?

Pastor Emily 

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Mom said...

Reading the Psalms has reminded me that the people long ago who wrote and then sang these verses had the very same feelings and concerns as I do today. The Psalms make me feel very close to God, close enough to praise Him and to complain to Him, to share my sorrows and sins and to thank Him for His mercy and love. These two Psalms remind me of God's love, mercy, faithfulness and guidance.