Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sometime in this study, we're going to need to discuss how people viewed salvation before Jesus.  Psalm 35:3b fascinated me with that question.

But, these two Psalms really got me fired up today. 

35:17, "How long my Lord, will you watch this happen?  Rescue me from their attacks; resuce my precious life from these predatory lions!"

34:3 "The words of their mouths are evil and dishonest they have stopped being wise and stopped doing good"

As Christian women, we are often told to be good.  To be sweet.  To be kind.  Now, most of the time those are virtues are wonderful and important.  But sometimes, like the song, we have to kick a little.  How long will we let children be hungry and yet let farmers dump milk out to keep prices up?  How long will we let children "age out" of the foster care system after being bounced around for 10-15 years?  How long will we let injustice and oppression continue? 
I often wonder if our culture of "sweetness" in Christianity has stopped us from doing good.  Every time I find myself telling a little girl, "you always have to be sweet", I grimace.  I am thankful to God to have a voice that can shout out injustice.  A conscious that won't let things keep happening. 

Sometimes justice comes on national or global scales, but other times its at home!  What injustice are you facing?  What situation in your life needs to be stopped now?  How long are you going to let someone hurt you without standing up for yourself and for God?

Lord--Give us the courage to act.  To stand up for your righteousness.  Empower us to do better.  To be more.  To shout with your power and break the chains that bind us.  In Jesus' name we pray!  Amen!

Pastor Emily

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Lynne Watts said...

I have mixed feelings about Psalm 35. To me it almost sounds like he wants God to take care of everything without doing much himself. From the story of David, I know this was not true--he was definitely a warrior so maybe this Psalm was written at a low point when he felt defeated and unable to continue fighting. While I am not fighting the same sort of enemies as David, I can emphasize with the feeling that I am tired of battling a situation AND I'm tired of waiting for others to change. Which by the way was the theme of Revive last night. A terrific service it was!