Monday, June 4, 2012

Here we Gooooooo!!!

Day 1--
Psalms 1 and 2

Thanks to everyone for this new journey.  Here is the plan.  Every day, read two Psalms.  Then check in on the blog!  I will react to the reading, and then it will be your turn.  Maybe something I say will spark a thought.  Maybe you found a different verse that meant something to you.  Don't worry about staying on topic, just comment with your thoughts!

Psalm 1--
I love the image of the tree in verse 3.  That those who are planted in the Lord are stable, firm, rooted.  That they are evergreen.  I look around me and I see that to be true.  The people I know with the strongest faith aren't easily swayed by circumstance or temptations.  They stay strong even when the wicked around them try to hurt them.  When the winds of change blow.  I want to be that tree, but I fear sometimes my roots aren't deep enough.  That's why I love these summers in the Word with you all.  I love having each of you strengthen my roots.

Psalm 2--
How do you approach God?  Do you tell God your plans, or approach with "fear, trembling, kissing his feet" (verse 11).  I also love verse 4, "He who sits in heaven laughs".  Heaven laughs at our plans.  But, does that mean we shouldn't plan?  Does that mean our plans are wrong?

What do you think?
Closing Prayer--
Dear God--Strengthen our roots.  Show us your plans.  Let us fall in line, but never let us fall. Amen.


Carol Flores said...

What came to my mind reading Psalm 1 was Jesus' commandments to love God and love our neighbors. So some of our neighbors will be godly but more will likely be evil. I need deeper roots of faith so I can follow Jesus' lead of loving without judgment. But the skeptics are always there to tell you that loving someone means you condone their behavior. Dear God, help me be strong enough in my faith to follow your Son's example.
Psalm 2 made we want to put it in a letter to everyone in Washington and in Europe too! How relevant for the times we are facing. Dear God, help our leaders overcome the evils of greed and hunger for power. Show them your plan and give them the strength to follow it.

Lindsay said...

Psalm 1 spoke to me a lot today! I want those deep roots too! I've been having a bit of a "dry spell" when it comes to spending time reading the Bible, and my soul is craving it. I'm looking forward to being planted next to the Living Water this summer... to soak up God's energy and strength. With a body that is tired from pregnancy and a two year old, who although very sweet, requires lots of patience and grace, I know that I can't rely on myself for the strength I need. I need to draw my strength from God and He will bless me and let my life yield the fruits of grace, patience, etc!!

Psalm two... I don't think planning is bad, but sometimes our planning is so... trivial. And often my planning is for my benefit... I like to control, but that control doesn't belong to me. It belongs to God. I can see God finding it a bit humorous how hard I try sometimes to keep up my "control" instead of just trusting His wonderful plan. This is something I always find myself working on... bit by bit, I let it go, and God always shows me that His plans are wonderful!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

The image of the firmly rooted trees in Psalm 1 is what jumped out at me, too. Those planted in the Living Water will bear much fruit. Going to use this for my next post, but in a slightly different context.
Psalm 2 spoke to me of the futility of human planning and activity when we fail to see God in the picture. The way this world seems sadly headed is a testimony to what happens when man makes his lust for power his idol.

Mom said...

I remember Psalm 1 as one of the first things I was asked to memorize in Sunday School. I want to be the blessed one who thinks about God's law (and His Word) at all times. I want to always be yielding fruit (serving God) and not withering.
God laughs at us when we conspire, plot and plan. We need to serve the Lord and take refuge in Him.

Christopher said...

As I read over Psalm 1 and 2 together I can't help but feel that God is somehow drawing a line in the sand. Psalm 1 referring to where He wants to see me. Constantly growing thriving and bringing Glory to His name. HIs will be done... In Psalm 2 I see where I have often found myself, deriving my own plans, walking my own path, my will be done... but at the end of Psalm 2 He brings me back to reality, run to Him, Run from self and "you won't regret it!" (The Message) Let me never take for granted that I may run to a God that loves me for who I am.