Saturday, June 9, 2012

Face of God

Oh, I needed these Psalms today!  Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning I was afflicted with such an awful stomach flu, I called my MOM!  I can't remember the last time I called my Mom almost in tears.  It was that bad.  Although the "flu" was gone in 24 hours, my strength still isn't what it was on Tuesday Afternoon!  I needed these reminders.

I loved 11:7b "Those whose heart is right will see God's face".  When was the last time you saw God's face?  I saw it this week in VBS.  In the Powerade my mom brought me and the Aleve that finally broke my fever.  I saw God's face in the peace that came after praying with someone before a surgery and in the kids running to hug me.  I saw his face in snacks and in tweets and in Psalms and in youth dancing.  It was a powerful week.  But I'm not sure until I read that verse that I stopped to ask myself the question. I think I might have missed God's face in the heap of sickness and sadness and lethargy.

I also saw God's face here.  In the sunbeams streaming through the clouds.

Then Psalm 12 began with a bang.  "Help Lord, because the godly are all gone, the faithful have completely disappeared from the human race."  Now, after VBS, I wasn't really feeling a lament, but then I got to verse 5.  "But the Lord says, 'Because the poor are oppressed, because of the groans of the needy, I'm now standing up, I will provide the help they are gasping for."

OH!  How beautiful.  That's what our call is!  To rise up and provide the help!  That's what we did this week!  What a lovely reminder!

What a wonderful week!  For more VBS pictures go to  There are lots posted!  What a great week!

Blessings to you!
Pastor Emily

Dearest Lord--Thank you for the reminders that you are here.  That you are love.  That your face is beautiful.  Thank you for the blessings that only you give.  Please let me be your blessing in this world!
In Jesus Name we pray!  Amen


Anonymous said...

It IS sometimes difficult to remember to see His work. I think that is ONE reason we are called to worship - to renew and that is what Psalm 12 said to me - renew, restore, replenish in Him.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Yes! It was an awesome week at VBS! So many smiles and giggles and hugs - God was definitely in our midst and He shone in the faces of the children and the volunteers. He is everywhere when we stop to look.
I'll be sure to check out the photos from the week, too.

Mom said...

Evil, wickedness, deception all around us in the world, but we know that God is in charge, sees all and hears our groaning. We put our trust in God to be our refuge and to protect us even during difficult times. God can use us to help the needy from their oppression and to let others know that God is still in charge, no matter what "vile is honored among men." Psalm 12:8