Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Mountains and A Valley

Technically Psalm 22 was to be read yesterday.  But I wanted to talk about these three Psalms together.  There is so much to say! 

Read these three Psalms again.  This time read them as a Valley between Two Mountains.  Psalms 22 and 24 are so majestic.  God triumphs. God reigns.  God is mighty and soverign.  And our beloved Psalm 23.  It is the valley.  The valley of the shadow of death.

These three Psalms are said to be prophetic.  To talk about Christ's death and resurrection.  Read Psalm 22, the words of Christ on the cross.  Then there is Psalm 23, when he is dead and buried.  Its the Psalm we use to bury our own dead.  Then Psalm 24 when we call "the Mighty Gates" to "lift up your heads" talks about the resurrection.

Re-read those Psalms with that in mind.  Do you read them differently?  Does it change how you see it?

Pastor Emily


Mom said...

V.31 in 22-"For He has done it." He has saved His people from their sins.
Psalm 23 Restore me and guide me, God, even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
Psalm 24-Lift up your head and let the King of Glory come in.
The valley doesn't seem so deep or dark when we remember that the King of Glory is our shepherd, taking care of and leading this poor helpless and not so smart sheep.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Wow! Such a marvelous insight into this trio of Psalms. I love it when scripture in the Old Testament points toward the coming of Christ and the ultimate triumph of the Lord in all things.

Kennesaw UMC said...

Another translation for "he has done it" in verse 31 is "It is finished". Does that sound familiar? If you look at the words--Jesus says the opening lines of 22 on the cross and says "It is finished" as well. thats why most scholars believe he quoted (SANG!!!) Psalm 22 from the cross.

Powerful words!