Monday, July 4, 2011

Comforter? Advocate? Counselor? Spirit?

Scripture--John 13-John 15 
Its July Fourth and we are starting one of my favorite bits of scripture!  How great is this!

Observation—I love the footwashing!  I love the way John tells the story of the last supper!  So wonderful.  But, what word does your translation say in 14:14?  Is it the same word as 14:26?  Or 15:26 or 27?  The CEV says Holy Spirit.  Other translations say Advocate, Counselor, Helper, Friend, Comforter!  Why so many words for it?  Any ideas? 

The word in greek is Paraclete.  It means many things.  My translation uses Holy Spirit, because it is clear that when Jesus says God will send another Paraclete, he is talking about the Holy Spirit.  So it was way easier to it into that, than to try to guess what the word might actually imply.  That’s because it’s a tough word to translate.  In Greek society a Paraclete would be someone who would go to bat for you.  If you and I were fighting over something, we could go to the marketplace or the Congress and have the people be our judge/jury.  But lets say that you aren’t as good of a “talker” than I am, then you’d bring your Paraclete with you!  Your advocate, counselor, best friend, supporter.  And your Paraclete would stand up for you!

Application:  See, that’s what Jesus and the Holy Spirit are!  They aren’t going to trial for us—not in the typical sense.  They are standing up for us!  They are our best friend sticking up for us!  Not just here on Earth, but in Heaven later!  How does knowing that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both Paracletes change the way you see them?  Change how you live your life?  Can you share this knowledge with others?

Prayer—O Spirit of God!  Thank you for blessing us, advocating for us, being with us.  May we never forget to be worthy of your love.  May we never forget to love you.  May we always be brave enough to spread your love!  In Christ’s Name we Pray, Amen!

Pastor Emily 

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Sara Armstrong said...

In Sunday school our lesson included a story about an orphan bear cub that was adopted by a male bear who taught the cub to survive. Finally he left the cub and soon after the cub was threatened by a mountain lion. The small cub did as he was taught, stood up on his hind legs and gave his fierce but very small growl. The mountain lion ran away. What the cub couldn't see was that the male bear was standing behind him on his hind legs looking very menacing. That is how I picture the Holy Spirit. The one that always has our back. The one who never leaves us. Praise be to God.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Sara, I love your commentary!

Yes, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are indeed standing up for us, guiding us, leading us, showing us how to live and love in this world.
When I can't seem to find the words to write for a scripture that spoke to me for the headliner of my daily blog, I pray to the Holy Spirit for the right reflections to come, to say what Jesus would have me say; I pray to feel the Comforter's presence seated within me as I write and rejoice when I know I am in such miraculous company.
The words come, sometimes flowing, sometimes painstakingly, but they come, and I am so thankful for the support of the best friend anyone could ever hope for!

Mary said...

The Counselor, Holy Spirit, teaches us and reminds us of what Jesus said. The Spirit of Truth will help us tell others about Jesus. Understanding that we do not belong to the world and that Jesus has chosen us, helps me understand why I need to look at things through different eyes rather than looking at things like society does.

Carol Flores said...

My translation says "Helper". God knew we could not handle this world on our own. He gave us such great gifts...Free will, His Son and then the Holy Spirit. He tells us to not be afraid and also to love one another. For me, those two things don't come easy sometimes so it's nice to be reminded that the Spirit is here with me to help me stay strong for God.