Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Final Act!

Scripture--Acts 28
The end of Acts!  Unbelievable!

Observation—It seemed like a little anticlimactic end!  Like the author was just trying to wrap it all up neatly.  It seems like Paul never got “out”.  He seemed to stay under house arrest for a long time for something he wasn’t even guilty for!  The last verse was even an “happily ever after” sort of verse.  Paul lived forever with no one bothering him and him being able to spread his word.  Those were the last words about Paul.

Application:  It made me wonder what the last words someone would say about me would be.  “She loved Starbucks, her mama and her cell phone?”  Would they be “she bravely preached about God’s kingdom and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ”  That’s what Luke said about Paul.  What would they say about you?  Will your legacy be involved with Jesus’ love?

Prayer—God, we want to leave a legacy for you.  May we be worthy of our title as your children.  May we be worthy of the life you have given us.  May we be radical in our love for you!  Amen

Pastor Emily


Lindsay said...
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Mary said...

The viper came out of the fire Paul was tending and bit him on the hand. He shakes it off like nothing happened - and nothing happened! I want to remember that when bad things happen to me in my everyday life and when I am on the way to where God is taking me. Don't worry, God can take care of it - and HE WILL!

Carol Flores said...

As I read Acts 28:15, it occurred to me that several times in this book, it specifically talks about how much Paul is encouraged when he encounters other "brethren". I want to remember to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit but to also seek encouragement of my Christian brothers and sisters. They can build us up in the bad times and help us endure our trials. Lord help me to be encouraging to others and to let Christ's light shine through me.