Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giving it Up

Scripture--Acts 19-Acts 21 

Observation—As I was reading, in a Starbucks, with people wanting to talk to me on all sides of me, I got to the middle of Chapter 21 and said to myself, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve had NOTHING hit me.”  Then I looked backed down and read it:  21:13 “Paul replied, ‘Why aer you doing this?  Why are you weeping and breaking my heart?  I’m ready not only to be arrested but even to die in Jerusalem for the sake of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Application—Some days I wonder if I sacrifice too much for God.  Then I read this verse, and realize I’ve sacrificed nothing.  I’ve given nothing.  What do you hold more precious than Christ?   What to you is better than Jesus?  Is it your life?  Your children?  Your health?  Your beauty?  Your car or house?  Your job?  Your power?  Your family?  What are you not willing to risk for Christ’s name?  I  pray today that we all get ready to give of all we have, all we are, all we hold, in the name of Christ, who freely gave his life for us.

Prayer—Lord, I surrender all.  Everything.  Take it, it is yours.  Your will be done.  Amen.

Pastor Emily 


Mary said...

Not only the people but the Holy Spirit tells warns him of the problems he will face in every city he goes to. But he is ready to go! In Jerusalem he reports to the elders about his ministry. At the temple the Jews tried to kill him, but the Roman soldiers arrested him. On the way to prison he asks the soldiers to speak to the people. Every where he goes his focus is on sharing the Good News. Never distracted.

Carol Flores said...

There is a story here about how Paul's message and actions threatened people's livelihoods (the idol makers). Aren't we that way sometimes? How would we react if someone elses ideas and beliefs were threatening our way of life? What if speaking out about OUR beliefs threatened OUR jobs or even our lives? I am thankful I live in a place where that is not likely but always appreciate the reminder that there are places on earth even in the 21st century where people are not so free. The people in Ephesus were afraid of Roman punishment for the scene they caused. How often do we avoid conflict by "being quiet and doing nothing rashly". Thank you God for making bold disciples to keep the Good News going so it made it all the way here to us today! Help us be bold for You to do the same for the future generations.