Friday, July 15, 2011


Scripture--Acts 25-Acts 27

What faith Paul has!  What a connection! To be so in-tune with God that he knows what the fate of the ship will be?  Acts is truly a soap opera, isn’t it?  Even though things looked dire, he knew they would be safe.  He then used that knowledge to encourage his shipmates.  I loved Chapter 27:25, “Cheer up!  I am sure that God will do exactly what he promised!”

Do you live your life knowing God will do what he promises?  What do you need to do to live into that!  If the storms of life are raging, put your hope back in the one who calms the seas!  Praying that we all open our ears and hearts to God’s stirring!

Prayer—God of promise!  Let us live into what you have promised us!  Let us love like you.  Let us be open and ready to what you have to say to us.  Thank you for your promise!  Amen

Pastor Emily


Lynne Watts said...

I have read this shipwreck passage many times and I am always struck with Paul's confidence and faith in a crisis situation. While all around him are panic-stricken, he seems calm and supportive, even to the point of insisting that everyone eat. How I would like the to have Paul's gift of faith and encouragement.

Lindsay said...

Paul is pretty awesome. God told him he would share His testimony in Rome... and He knows God will fulfill the promise. It is so freeing to trust God!!

As a side note, today, I was having a frustrating morning, but I stopped and remember yesterday... the lesson told me that I bad things can be made good with God. So, today, I decided to let this day be God's instead of my fight with frustration... and that has made a huge difference! Praise God!!

Mary said...

All these important people Paul testifies to! This trip to Rome is very exciting, but Paul trusts God to bring them safely to Rome. I am going to trust God to bring me where I need to go too.

Carol Flores said...

One of my favorite parts of our confession of faith is "free us for joyful obedience". I have read this many times over the years but only in the last few has its' meaning really sunk in. It IS freeing to trust God. I just wish it was easier sometimes. :) Paul is a terrific role model for how to keep oneself focused. As I read 26:6, the song "Standing on the promises" popped into my head. I felt like Paul almost could not believe what he was on trial for. Wasn't he just saying what the Prophets had said was going to happen? He GOT IT!! Why didn't the Jews, of all people???!!