Sunday, June 19, 2011

Almost done

Scripture: Mark 10-12

Observation:  Wow, Mark went by fast!  The thing that stuck out to me most, honestly was that in Mark's version, Jesus doesn't seem to stay in Jerusalem.  Did you catch that in 11:11 and 11:19?  That after the processional, that they went back to Bethany?  And after he chased people out, he went back out of town.  I wonder if he was more comfortable in Bethany?  Or if he was hiding?  Or if that's how it needed to be to make everything go as planned?  Or if he just didn't want to be in such a place.

Application:  What questions do you wish Jesus would answer.  Sometimes when we study scripture, we are left with more questions than answers.  Other times we think we have it all down, just to reread something and have something new pop out!  I feel like the disciples were in that boat!  They thought they had it all figured out!  They were arguing over who was best.  They thought they were listening.  They were watching Jesus ask questions about figs and taxes.  They didn't always get answers either--did they (10:33)?  But they didn't get it.  They were blind.  But, Jesus, today, I have questions.  I believe you can help me to see.  Give me the faith to move the mountains!  

Prayer:  Lord, you are amazing.  But I have so many questions.  Thank you for letting me bring my questions to you.  Thank you for your answers and for your silence.  Let me never forget that my sight is in you.  Let me see you and those you love better.  Open my eyes!


Sara Armstrong said...

I wonder if Jesus went to Bethany because it reminded him of home. Nazareth was an isolated village in the time of Jesus with a population less than two hundred.
So Christ was not a city person.

Bethany was the last stop for travelers before Jerusalem. Just off the main east-west road coming from Jericho. Because of the mountains your couldn't see Jerusalem from Bethany. This created an atmosphere of seclusion and peacefulness. Maybe Jesus was seeking a little quiet before the crucifixion.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I have a question: Didn't Mary, Martha and Lazarus live in Bethany? If so, that also makes perfect sense why Jesus would choose to stay there with his friends.
Yes, I was left with many questions, too, after reading these chapters, but trust God will answer them.

Carol Flores said...

Having been divorced, the beginning of Chapter 10 is always tough for me to read. Then Jesus talks about how hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God. I too would have said "Who then can be saved?!" At the point I feel the most discouraged, there it is! 10:27! "With men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible". Thanks for the reminder, Jesus...we can't save ourselves, no matter who we are or what we do.
I also love that we continually see Jesus defending himself against the supposed " Bible know it alls" with Scripture. And mixed all through it is a list of desired Christian qualities and actions: faith, prayer, forgiveness, belief, sacrifice, humiltiy, service and most of all, LOVE. Lord lp me to not get caught up in earthly temptations and laws of men..keep reminding me what is most important..loving You and all your children.