Monday, June 13, 2011

Scripture:  Matthew 22-Matthew 24

ObservationIn the middle of this dark section talking about end times and with Pharasses and sadduces trying to trick jesus, is the Great Commandment.  In the middle of parables that confuse me more than I understand, is the piece about the greatest commandment.  I kept thinking as I read, “these are the last things he is telling his disciples.  His last days.”  Remember this is in the time in Jerusalem!  Tomorrow we will begin the Passion Narrative!  And in the middle is the greatest commandment.  Love God.  Love others AS you love yourself. 

Application:  Sometimes we don’t love ourselves.  We let other issues get us down.  We let our lives get too busy.  We forget that we must work hard, love others AS we love ourselves.  Not more, not less.  AS.  I can’t forget to love God, love others, and love myself.  Even when things look bad.  For its what he wanted us to remember!  In the middle of your busy life, in the middle of your trials, in the middle of your blessings, are you following the greatest commandment?

Prayer:  Loving God—let us love like you do.  Let us love you and praise you for all you do.  Let us love those around us, deeply, strongly, truly.  But let us not forget that we are special too.  Let us be creatures of love, and live lives of love because you are love.  Amen.

Pastor Emily

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Mary said...

I love the image of God longing to gather the children of Israel together, like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. He tries to protect us with His love, but we wander off again and again.
The Wedding Banquet parable makes me wonder. The people were invited to the feast, but didn't come!? Am I open to all God wants to give me? Am I prepared and ready to go where He leads me?

Lindsay said...

The great commandment suck out to me to the most too... I think because I can grasp it. I could think, and rethink and analyze the parables, and still not completely "get" them. I thought I understood the wedding banquet, but I don't understand the part where the man not in wedding clothes is asked to leave (someone want to help me out here??). And I (along with Jesus and all the angels) don't know when the end times will come. But I begin to grasp love. I don't fully understand the depths and heights that God loves me, but I want to love my Lord, my God, with all that I am and I love others as myself.

Anonymous said...

As I prepare to go to Annual Conference and be among the pastors and officials of the church I am struck by the seven Woe to yous. Jesus has a passionate dislike for relgious hypocrites; those who used their learning and position in the church to promote their own agenda. May purpose outweigh politics this week.

Carol Flores said...

Amen to whoever "Anonymous" is!
Before I got to the Great Commandments, I was struck by the story of the wedding banquet. How Israel, the chosen people (and now us too), were offered something so amazing and basically blew it off! They were too wrapped up in their daily lives to stop everything and accept the gracious invitation to party with God. The next little item that got me was the "Do as they say not as they do" regarding the Pharisees. Another example of how I need to make my actions and life reflect Jesus and not the desire to be recognized by others.