Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Magic of Jesus

Scripture:  Mark 16
How did your Bible deal with verses 9-20?  Did they bracket them like mine?  Did they refer to them as the longer and the shorter ending?  Although the Council of Trent in 1442 decided they were cannonical, most modern translations bracket them off.  They seem to clearly not be original.  Although this does not make them necessarily less scriptural.  What do you think?

For more information see:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_16

Observation:  The extra scripture is fascinating to me.  Unlike Luke's version that we'll read in the next few days, Mark's Jesus wasn't exactly "magical".  He was good, and performed miracles, but if they text stands, he was still "missing" at the conclusion of verse 9.  He didn't come back and walk into locked rooms or disappear in front of people.  Yes, we "knew" where he was, but we hadn't seen him yet.  Verses 9-20 tell a different story.  They talk about Jesus who grants his followers abilities to control snakes, speak in other languages, perform miracles, and even drink poison without being hurt!  And many people want to hold onto a magical Jesus.  But does Jesus have to do "special things" in order to be wonderful?  And do you have to perform miracles to be a disciple?

Application:  I love the differences in the portrayals of Jesus.  I'm a person who loves the grays of my life and my faith.  I love that Mark sees Jesus differently than Luke.  It means you can see Jesus differently than I do!  Your relationship is your own.  Each of the Gospel writers had their own perspectives and views.  We can too!  Maybe you speak in tongues and see miracles performed.  Maybe you listen to Mumford and Sons and question the virgin birth.  Maybe you sing the right hymns from the choir of First Church.  Jesus still loves you and can be real in  your life.  I love the reality that we each have our own relationship.  I pray tonight that your relationship, however it it looks is real, deep and strong.  (and I pray that even if you can, that you don't play with dangerous snakes!  Grins!)

Prayer:  Christ of the Resurrection--thank you for coming to us!  Thank you for loving us!  Each in our own way.  Let us find ways to be more loving to your children.  Let us find ways to be more loving to ourselves.  Let us find ways to never forget the importance of your coming!  In they name we pray--Amen!

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

The difference in the "voice" used in the last section of Mark from all preceding it is very (pun intended) marked! It makes me wonder who added it and why they stressed, as you stated, "magical" things regarding Jesus. Although it rounds out this Gospel story, for me, it doesn't ring with authority as the others do. I'm siding with the speculation that Mark did complete his gospel, but the ending was somehow lost.

Lindsay said...

My calls it out as added later. I did do a double take at the end of verse nine. I was thinking, "that's how he ends it?" But what a good call out, Emily, that we all experience Jesus in our own unique relationship with Him. That is just so awesome!

The part that jumped out at me other than the end of Mark was in the angel's message to Mary... nothing is impossible for God!! Nothing! I find myself falling into doubts about random things, but what a great reminder that NOTHING is beyond God's control. Nothing is too big, too hard, too little, too bad, too anything for God to handle.

Sara Armstrong said...

I am at a place of great insecurity in my life. But I hold on to the knowledege that God is in control. That he has never let me fall and he sent Jesus to be our earthly example of love and faith. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Carol Flores said...

My Bible does not bracket them, but there is a footnote saying that verses 9-20 are not found in the two most ancient manuscripts. In Mark, it says that at first the two Mary's and Salome said nothing to anyone about what they saw because they were afraid. Sometimes I am this way. Afraid what people will think of me if I speak up for God. God help me say what you need me to say. Calm my fears and give me the words (or actions) to reach people for You. Amen.