Monday, June 27, 2011

Dishonest Wealth

Scripture--Luke 16-Luke 18

Observation:  The Parable of the Dishonest Manager has always puzzled me, and honestly, it still does.  I mean how can someone who changes debts (seemingly lies)  rewarded?  I've read commentaries that say that the Rich Man was just happy to get something.  And in fact the rich man seemingly was mad that manager was lazy, not dishonest.  But then why does Jesus praise us for using dishonest or wicked wealth?  Shouldn't we try to have "good" wealth.

But that's the problem!  Jesus thought all wealth was wicked.  In fact the word for wealth--Mammon--was the name of one of the biggest rival gods.  People were worshipping Mammon, and so do we.  But Jesus promises if we use Mammon faithfully, then God will trust us with more.  Not more wealth--bigger and better things!  More responsibility!  (Maybe even more things we see as challenges!)

Application:  Our Challenge today is simple, Jesus says, lets try and trust you with wealth, lets see what you can do!  How faithful will you be with what you've been given!

Prayer:  Lord, let us never forget who we serve. Where we have been lazy, forgive us and help us to be hardworking.  Where we have been dishonest, forgive us and help us to be faithful.  Where we forget our place, forgive us and help us to remain humble.  Thank you for the the forgiveness you promise!  Amen.

Pastor Emily 

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Lindsay said...

The money stuff got my attention too. I'm the "Dave Ramsey nerd" and love to update the budget and pinny pinch... but I have to be careful to still not worship money. I get caught up thinking "we won't have enough"... giving money the control instead of trusting God. God has shown me that He is our provider. When Ben and I were making the final decision for me to stay home with Ansley, we were nervous about finances... would we be able to live on just one salary? But we decided to put it in God's hands. The exact day I put in my resignation notice, Ben's former manager announced he was going to be leaving (and Ben was already being told to interview for the job). God provided and Ben got the promotion. When I fall into doubt, I remember how God has shown us how faithful He is... sometimes, it just means taking a leap and trusting Him!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

My heart always goes out to the rich ruler who can't give up the one thing Jesus knows stands in the way of salvation. The man has been righteous in following the law and the commandments, but in the love of security that his wealth brings him, he cannot see the radical opportunity the Lord is offering to him with the invitation to sell all he has and follow Him. He can't let go and let God; he departs from Jesus sorrowfully. I wonder how his life turned out . . .

debbie k said...

The steward's actions really confused me, even when I saw the commentary in the Bible. He had been lazy, and then decided to change everyone's bills and my commentary indicates that the ingenuity was why he was praised, even though it was deceitful??? That's a lot to comprehend!

Carol Flores said...

I always have to read that story of the steward more than once too. I am still not sure I get it. But Lindsay beat me to what I was going to say...I am a fellow Dave Ramsey nerd and I often ask myself to think about how much time and effort I put into balancing and planning and figuring with money vs. spending time alone with my Lord. Need to work on that!

My other favorite part of todays chapters was 17:21. "For indeed the kingdom of God is within you." I just have to let it in to grow and then let it out to the world through my life.

Mary said...

The Kingdom of God is within us! Are we blind to that like the blind man or like the disciples were to what Jesus was telling them would happen to him soon? The story of Jesus opening the blind man's eyes follows right after the meaning of Jesus's explanation of his death is hidden from the disciples. But they remembered what he had told them and their eyes and hearts were opened after the resurrection. God help me to see your Kingdom within me and help me to obey and serve you.