Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Scripture:  Luke 1-Luke 3
Wow!  Are we here already?  Half way through the gospels!  Luke is believed to have been a doctor.  His prose is detailed and thoughtful.  Like Mark, he was NOT one of the 12 named disciples.  Instead he seems to be another person who traveled with Jesus.  He clearly used others reports, and even says that in his introduction.  Unlike Matthew, who wrote to the Jews, Luke writes to a Gentile audience. In the first few verses, he says he is writing to Theophilus, or Lover of God.  His writing includes themes of social justice, healing, and help for the poor.  Luke is actually a longer book that includes Acts.  But, we can discuss that in a couple more weeks!  If you want more information, see 

So much here again!  About dreams and about women and pregnancy and angels and shepherds and finding joy in what the world sees as suffering and in prophesy!  Did you see the differences in the genealogies?  It is fascinating!  But, what stood out to me was the story of Anna and Simeon!  Simeon's words in my translation (CEV Luke 2:34-35) said to Mary, "This boy is assigned be the cause of the falling and rising of many in Israel to be a sign that generates opposition, so that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed.  And a sword will pierce your innermost being too!"

Too often we want Jesus to be friendly and gentle.  Wallace often calls this Jesus a "Cotton Candy Jesus" one full of air, with little substance.  People in my generation often talk about, "Boyfriend Jesus"--the Jesus you sing great love songs to!  But that's not the Jesus that Simeon describes.  Nor is it the one that Luke will reveal.  This Jesus was and IS and always will be revolutionary!  He will generate opposition to the status quo.  Where are we in our lives being radical for Jesus?  Where are we standing up to the the forces of evil?  Where is Jesus challenging you to change?  Its time to stand up and live a life that generates some opposition!  Lord, let it be!

God, let us not be content with the status quo.  Show us where we can make changes for you. Let us go into the world making a difference, not just releasing hot air!  May we make a difference for you!  Amen!

Pastor Emily

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Lindsay said...

Oops... I read some of this yesterday I guess. So, I just had chapter 3 today. I did notice the genealogies! In chapter 3, I also picked up on more of John's personality than I had in the past... he was not scared! He was bold enough to rebuke Herod! Most of the time, I'm more of a coward in my faith, I could use some of the boldness that John had!!

Julie W. said...

I agree with you Lindsay - John was focused from birth on the job that God intended for him to do and did not stray one bit. I also think about both Elizabeth and Mary, who as mothers must have both felt pride and worry about their sons and the tasks that were intended for them. A testament to mothers everywhere - pray for their children, support them, but by all means let the Lord work in them as He needs to. Those words of Jesus - "thy will be done" keep coming back to me over and over. No matter what the human wants, God's will must be carried out.

Carol Flores said...

Julie, you beat me to it! What must these mothers (and fathers) have thought after hearing the angel tell them what their unborn sons would be. Imagine it! Zacharias and Mary both replied to Gabriel with a question -- "How can this be?". And the answer? "With God all things are possible". Thank God they listened and did God's will. v1:45 talks about the believers being blessed because things will be fulfilled through them. Lord help me to strengthen my belief so that thy will, even in spite of me sometimes, be done.