Thursday, June 30, 2011


Scripture--John 1- John 3
We are on our fourth and final Gospel!  The first three Gospels are called the synoptic gospels--those gospels that look similar and have similar stories.  The Gospel of John is anything but similar.  We are not sure it was "written" by the disciple John, instead we believe it was written by his followers using his stories.  Where the others gospels are descriptive and formulaic telling a well crafted story, John tells us more about emotions, theology, and symbolism.  Look for the depth of his prose as much as the details of the stories.  Look for the way he paints Jesus and the disciples!  I've been in many a Bible Study where the scientists laughed at my Liberal Arts love of John.  Lets see what you think!  

Observation:  Next time, we have to do this more slowly!  I want to talk about it all.  How John Skips genealogy all together and starts with the discussion of "Light".  I love it!  So much!  Or how John says he is NOT Elijah!  (We talked about that earlier!) Or about Jesus the party animal at the wedding.  Or about Nicodemus and being born again.  Or about Nathaniel's "What good can come from Nazereth? (Kennesaw?)"  Or how interesting John's timing of Jesus throwing people out of the temple was at the beginning instead of during Palm Sunday!

But here's what stuck out to me today:  Why do we need miracles to believe?  The disciples needed him to turn water into wine to believe.  The people at the baptism had to hear God's voice to believe. the Jews in the temple asked for a miraculous sign. 

Application:  What miraculous sign does this generation need to believe?  What miracles in your life did you need to see to believe?  Even more--how can you use the amazing things in your life to tell your story to others.  Sometimes we forget how important miracles are.  There are miraculous things in my life--in my story.  That's how I can tell others about Christ.  That might just be how they'll believe.  When they see the miracles!

Prayer--O Miraculous Christ!  Open our eyes!  Let us see your miracles.  Feel your healing.  Change our perspective.  And open our mouths.  So that we can share your story, that is playing out in our lives!  Amen

Pastor Emily

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

John's gospel is, indeed, the most spiritual and lyrical; it does appeal to this former English major who loves writing!
I hope I can share some miracles God has done in my life through my blog as the weeks and months progress. I do try to look for the miraculous in the little things every day.

Mary said...

John tells Andrew about Jesus, Lamb of God, and Andrew tells Simon Peter. We need to tell people about Jesus too, tell our stories.

Jesus was the Word that God spoke at creation. Jesus is the Light revealing us for what we are: belonging to God or not.

At the wedding, Mary asks Jesus to help and then tells the servants to do whatever Jesus says to do. She knew he could fix things. Faith or previous experience or something she heard from above let her know that now was the time to do His first miracle?

Kennesaw UMC said...

Mom....Don't preach my sermon for Sunday! HA! Love you both!

Lindsay said...

This is my favorite of the gospels!

Today these words of John the Baptist echo in my head... "He must become greater; I must become less." And the reward? Joy! Eternity with Christ! Living in the light!

Lord, more of you, less of me. You have created me, called me to you in my own story (read here if you want..., and are the source of my joy. Yet, at times, I want to put me first. Help me remember, Lord, to live in the light, I need more of you!

Carol Flores said...

In the beginning was the Word..All things were made through Him...The Word became flesh and dwelt among us...

Jesus has always been there and God loved us SO much, he shared His Son with us so we would know how to love Him and one another.

Of all the gospels, this part of John really drives home for me what a precious gift I have received. I am saved through Him. Praise God!