Thursday, June 23, 2011

A List

Scripture:  Luke 4-Luke 6

Observation:  SO MANY!  So today you get a list!
  1. I'm so thankful that I only have to ask for forgiveness!  Verses 5:17-36 make it seem like you have to drop your friend through a window and then escape the authorities to be forgiven!  I'm glad that repentance is enough!
  2. Did you see the list of Apostles in 6:12-16?  Could you have named the 12 before that?  
  3. What does Jesus say about following the strict law in 6:1-11?  How can you apply that to your life?
  4. What differences do you see in Luke's version of the Beatitudes?  To me it seems so much more negative and focused on wealth than Matthew's version.  What differences do you see?   
  5. Love your enemies.  Do good to those who hate you.
Application:  Who in your life is frustrating you?  Have you prayed for that person lately?  I'm telling you from experience, it is hard and holy.  It is hard to remember them in prayer, but it changes your outlook!  It reminds you that God loves them.  And Jesus COMMANDS us to do it.  I challenge us all to follow this commandment today!

Prayer: Jesus our Redeemer.  You see our hearts.  Clean the dirty places.  Forgive our sins.  In this moment we remember those who hate us. Those who have condemned us.  Our enemies.  Bless them.  Give them peace.  And let us show them your love.  In your precious name we pray.  Amen.

Pastor Emily

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June 26-- Luke 13-Luke 15
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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Absolutely needed that prayer today and plan to take it to heart every day. Thanks, Emily!

Julie W. said...

I wish I knew more about Judas. Often I have wondered about him - he had to have some qualities that Jesus recognized to make him select him as a disciple. Or was it just in God's plan all along for him to be the one to betray Jesus - was that the reason he was selected? I also know he had remorse because of his actions. What made him do it? Did he not see/know what the others knew about Jesus? What do you guys think? I think some deep lessons can be learned by watching the actions of many of the disciples like Peter and Thomas. I have weaknesses of faith, and I am thankful God gives us a view of disciples like these to show us that though we may falter from time to time, He still loves us and expects us to strive for a better relationship with our Father. I am so glad I am loved like that!

Lindsay said...

I picked up on the difference in how Luke describes the calling of the disciples. I pictured Jesus walking along and meeting a select 12 guys, and telling them to follow him, but Luke tells us that he had lots of disciples... but he chose the 12 after a night of praying. Choose the 12 was a huge decision, and Jesus only had the right decision after spending a whole night with God. My life would be transformed if I even gave God a fraction of that amount of time to him before making decisions!! This is something I can work on!

Julie... great questions!! I get the impression that God told Jesus who to pick as disciples, and God knew what Judas would do. I'm no expert, but I think that it was God's plan. Anyone else have any insight for us?

Kennesaw UMC said...

Grins. First of all Lindsay, if you don't make it to church Sunday, remind me to send you my sermon notes--because I'm working on a sermon about CHOICES as we speak.

Julie, I have lots of questions about Judas too. My Dad loves to ask the "Will Judas be in heaven question." I mean, if it was God's plan, and he did what God asked, doesn't that mean he gets to go to heaven?

I like to push back on the "God's plan" aspect. Maybe you remember me challenging my mom (Mary) about that earlier in the study. If we follow the logic that Judas being the betrayer was God's plan, does that mean that God PLANS for us to sin? Does that mean God plans for us to do wrong? That he makes us sin?

More questions than answers, but I'm loving them! How about you?


Lindsay said...

Good news... looks like Ansley is moving to one nap... so praying it continues. I miss regular church going!!!!

And good point about God's plan... good thing we don't have to have this all figured out. I'm glad God's in charge and not me!

Carol Flores said...

I have thought about Judas as well. I don't believe that God makes us do wrong because I believe strongly in free will and choice being one of God's greatest gifts to us. But if I believe God knows all, doesn't that mean that He knew what Judas would do? Probably but even up until the time, I still believe Judas had a choice but that God's will and plan would have still happened but perhaps in a different way.

What struck me most about this section was the Pharisees and Scribes. Boy they sure had it out for Jesus. I was thinking to myself "Man they sure are annoying, always in Jesus' face, nitpicking and trying to set Him up to fail". Then God said to me..."Don't you do this sometimes...think you're better than someone else, watch to see if someone else messes up so you will look like you're better?" Yes God. Please stop me when I feel like being a judgmental hypocrite. I want to learn to treat others -- everyone -- like Jesus taught in v 6:27-38.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I certainly don't have this figured out either, but I will raise this one thought that I heard years ago regarding Judas. I feel Jesus chose him because he truly was a believer in the coming of the Messiah and felt Jesus was the answer to his prayers. We never hear much of Judas' own words in the Gospels, but he is the manager of the treasury for the group and, I will surmise from that, he was smart, organized, responsible, and dependable.
As Jesus' popularity grew with the crowds, but not with the Pharisees, I think Judas might have begun to think that Jesus' success in His mission would mean doom to the Jewish autonomy under Roman rule. Their occupiers could view this Jesus as a rabble-rouser and restrict the community's freedom of worship. He falls prey to the idea that the survival of the whole outweighs the life of the one. When Judas betrayed his Lord, I think he was acting out of an over-active sense of worldly responsibility; he simply couldn't grasp the bigger picture, but how many of the disciples actually did?
When we fail to look at the grander picture God presents, we miss the mark altogether. I pray that Judas is forgiven.

Julie W. said...

Martha - interesting thoughts to ponder and a really good idea as to the why's & Judas. Never thought about him not getting the bigger pix. I am very glad that God has the grand view of my life (and the lives of all others!) I also like Lindsay's idea of lots of prayer PRIOR to making decisions. Emily - I don't think God leads us to sin but I do feel He knows our paths and may know when we will sin. I also believe that if I am in close communication with the Father, I might just make the right choices (or better ones.) Maybe Judas needed a bit more prayer in his life in order to better understand his friend named Jesus (I wonder what would have happened if he had made a different decision?? Mind boggling!) FYI - I will probably be out of touch for a few days (traveling in Yosemite and loving God's beautiful creation - may not have a good connection on the net). I will continue to read though and will catch up with you as I can. Thanks for the great thoughts - I am loving this bible study with you friends! Blessings!