Thursday, June 16, 2011


Scripture--Mark 1-Mark 3
Many biblical scholars date Mark as the first gospel written.  In fact, many stories appear in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, leading scholars to believe that Matthew and Luke both read Mark before writing their own manuscripts.  Mark’s gospel is the shortest and seems to get to the point instead of having the same details of other gospels.  As we read, watch carefully for both what is THERE and what is MISSING!  For more information go to

Observation:  On first glance I’m always amazed that Mark starts with John the Baptist’s prophetic words and the baptism.  It seems as if he thinks Jesus’s baptism was more important than his birth.  In baptism, Jesus was publically adopted by God.  That adoption and recognition as the Son of God were important to showing Jesus’ mission and role.  Mark completely skips Jesus’ time as an infant or child.  Then later on in 3:32 Jesus adopts all around as his family.  That extends the adoption to everyone! 

Application:  Do you live into your role as Christ’s brother or sister?  Do you live into the reality that you are part of God’s family—chosen, loved, accepted?  Too often we try to earn Jesus’ love.  We try and earn our place at the table.  But Mark reminds us that we are part of a heavenly family.  We are loved for who we are.  We can be healed and taught, because we are part of the family.

Prayer:  Oh, Jesus our brother—let us never forget that you have adopted us into your family.  Let us live into the love and spread it to the rest of your children.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for letting us be part of your family!  Amen!

Pastor Emily

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Sara Armstrong said...

Mark gets right to the point. Jesus was about teaching, healing and making disciples. I wonder what Jesus would think of 1000 people at Annual Conference taking two days and 9 ballots to elect 13 representatives to General Conference. And we still have to elect 18 more! There has got to be a better way to use our time. To paraphrase the great philospher Larry the Cable Guy "We need to get 'er done!"

Carol Flores said...

You said it Sarah! Jesus said "for this purpose I have come forth". Preaching and healing and casting out demons (who seemed to know exactly who he was even when others doubted!). We humans sure have learned to overcomplicate our living. But what struck me most today was when I read again about how the multitudes are following Jesus everywhere and over long distances. One verse in particular stood out to me...3:8 - When they heard how many things he was doing, they came to Him. The sick, the needy, the lost - they sought him. Why? Because he loved them and made them feel worthy. It made me think - are my actions making people want to ask me about what made a difference in my life? Or am I alienating and excluding others like the Pharisees did? God help me love others and live life in such a way that it makes others "want some of what I'm having".

Lynne Watts said...

Interesting comment Sara... notice how Jesus for the most part steared clear of the politics and beaucracy of the day. Probably if we followed the lineage out to modern times, Larry the Cable Guy would be a distance cousin... or maybe not

Mary said...

If I do God's will, I am in the family. Everyone who does God's will is in the family too. Doesn't say who sits in church or goes to Bible study. These verses are all about the doing- healing, calling apostles, casting out demons. We need to get busy.