Friday, July 13, 2012


Psalm 81 is a Psalm of Celebration.

The Psalmist asks us to play songs and shout for joy!  When was the last time you celebrated?

We celebrate birthdays and new births and each other.  We celebrate new jobs and retirement and sometimes the end of someone's life.  But do we celebrate the every day?  Is our worship a time of celebrating God?

I had someone remind me this week of how celebratory worship can become.  When it becomes rote.  When we just do it to do it.  Its one of the reasons I like to change things up.  This week in worship when the congregation clapped with me to "I'll Fly Away", my heart soared!  How did you celebrate God this week?

Pastor Emily


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Every praise service is a time for celebration! During the week, especially when I go to the gym, I listen to contemporary Christian music which keeps my focus joyfully on the Lord.

mom said...

When we sing a good old favorite hymn or praise song that I know most of the words to without looking, I feel like I am celebrating. I like that the words are inside of me somewhere and come out to praise God. And sometimes those are the words that come to me when I need them outside of church and I like that too.