Friday, July 6, 2012

Poetic License

I haven't spent much time thinking about the actual poetry of the Psalms.  Maybe some of that is my lack of understanding of poetry in general, let alone of Ancient Hebrew Poetry. Maybe it was my want to "find God" that pushed out anything else.  Maybe it was my wrestling with all the battle images.

Regardless, in Psalms 67 and 68, I saw the beauty of the poetry!

Psalm 67 sounded like a song we might sing today...."Let all the people Thank you God!"  Finally an actual refrain!  

And the metaphors in Psalm 68 all the metaphors. "Like smoke is driven away." "Like wax melting before fire" (v.2).  Heaven pouring and showering abundant rain (v.8-9). The processions in vs. 24-27 and the wild animals in v.30.  It was beautiful!

Where did you find beauty in these two Psalms?  Have you found ways to find the beauty in the Psalms?

Pastor Emily 

O God of Creation!  Thank you for the beauty of your creation. The beauty of the world and of the creation of our minds.  Thank you for your wonders!  May we treat your creation with the care that you would!  In your name we pray!  Amen.


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

The Psalms ARE poetically beautiful. No wonder most of the contemporary Christian songs we sing are inspired by the words in the Psalms. They are "naturals" for praise, awe, wonder, and worship.
Particularly liked the prayer today. My we always be good stewards of His marvelous creation.

mom said...

I like the beauty of 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families." God intends people to live in families. People have a need for relating to others. The family of church services or small groups draw in the lonely and make them part of God's family.

Lindsay said...

Ansley and I had fun with Psalm 68. I read them out loud while she "journals" along side me (coloring)... for the the last few verses she would try and repeat them after me. Just hearing her proclaiming God's glory through repeating the words was a bright spot in my day!

I wish I were commenting more these days, but I've been making myself take a nap when Ansley naps (which is usually when I get in computer time).

Lynne Watts said...

Wow, Mom and I are on the same page... Psalm 68 verse 6 really caught my eye: God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land. God is a God of relationships. Not only does he want a relationship with us but he also wants us to find relationships--families here on earth. I like the action verb "sets" in fact I'd like to see if it's always translated that way. It says to me that God is instrumental in creating close relationships. He puts people, "families" in your life for a reason.