Monday, July 2, 2012


Good morning friends!
I have been meaning to comment on something for several Psalms, and figured here in the middle of Psalms 58 and 59 would be a good time.  The world Selah has been showing up in so many of our Psalms.  Its also been a popular baby name lately.  Have you noticed it?

The meaning is unclear.  It probably meant something like, "Stop and listen!".  Maybe signalling a musical interlude.

But that "stop and listen" is something we need!  I need to stop and listen!  I need to be still.  What a great lesson today!

How are you being still and listening?

Pastor Emily


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I've always wished we knew exactly what "selah" means, but I like your conjecture as well as any.
I try to stop and listen each and every day.

Lynne Watts said...

Stop and listen is probably good advice for us all! Busyness often helps us avoid important things that we should be paying attention to...

mom said...

It is hard for me to understand the constant need to have God destroy the enemies in so many different ways. I guess I am too far away from the fighting that went on in Israel in those days or even today. I especially like 59:3-4 where he says he has done nothing wrong to cause this (not my fault). Now that I can relate to!
I do like the last verses 59:16-17 that God is my Strength and refuge in times of trouble.
Selah- Stop and listen. I need to work on that one!