Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I love Bible stories.  I've loved them my whole life.  Jacob/Israel, Abraham/Abram, Esther, Lydia, Deborah, Samson.  So many!

So, these two Psalms reminded me of them.  106 talked so much about Moses.  I love that story.  About the underdog who God used in mighty ways.  He wasn't perfect, and God used him too!  It reminds me that not only WILL God use me--but he will use even the people I count out!  Who are you counting out?  Who have you given up on?  Who do you not believe in?

But, maybe my favorite story is Joseph!  Joseph is the reason why Moses was in Egypt (well, maybe Joseph's brothers, but that's for another day!)  I love the Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical!  And our children's music program did a great musical about him last year!  I love retelling that story!  Do you remember it?  Joseph was a dreamer whose Dad loved him more than his other brothers.  The other brothers, being mad and jealous sold him into slavery.  Ending up in Egypt, because he did the right thing and scorned his master's wife (when she tried to seduce him!), he was thrown in jail.  When the Pharaoh found out about his connection to God and his ability to interpret dreams he was taken out of jail and became important in the Pharaoh's government!  He helped keep Egypt from dying from a terrible famine!  During the famine his brothers came to Egypt to beg for food, and he game them some!  In the end he forgave his brothers, even though they did awful things to him!

I love the idea that God can use even our worst situations.  That no matter what pit we are in--God can find us!  I love the idea that forgiveness is possible, no matter what we've done!  I love the idea that God works even in the worst of places with the worst of people!

What battles are you facing?  Have you given up?  God is working.  Lets find ways to be patient, thankful, and wait to see the outcomes!

Love and Blessings!
Pastor Emily 


mom said...

When I read this it reminds me how odd it seems that people who saw the miracles in Egypt and on the way out- the blood, the locusts, the frogs, the death of the first born, the slaves being given silver and gold from their masters, the Red Sea open for them to cross and closed on top of the Egyptians- how did those people not obey and stay faithful to that God. But I guess we are the same. We forget what God has done for us, we gripe and complain. Forgive us Lord and help us wait patiently to see how You can work in all of our ups and downs.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

The stories remind me that with God, anything and everything is possible. He can use the least of us in a mighty way. We simply have to be obedient and listen and remember the good things He has already done for us.