Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Could Preach That

When I preach, I love to tell stories.  I think too many of us don't know, or too quickly forget the wonderful stories in the bible (wait, I kinda talked about that yesterday, didn't I?)

Well, too often, I have kept away from the Psalms to preach because they aren't exactly, "stories".  They are beautiful, and helpful and great fodder for songs, but for me hard to preach from.

Psalm 107 can preach!  Almost by itself.  It talks of people hungry, thirsty, broken.  It talks of people oppressed, depressed, and sick with sin.  People like me.  Like you!  And it talks of a God who provides, protects, encourages, and loves.

That's a story that will preach.  It preached to me today.  Did it preach to you?

Pastor Emily 

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mom said...

107:2 is a song-Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.
Psalm 107 reminds us of God's great acts of love and closes with "consider the great love of the Lord"
Psalm 108 says "Great is your love, higher than the heavens."
They are still trying to have God trample their enemies but at least they know where to turn for help.
When we remember how much God loves us, we can turn to Him for help too.