Monday, July 30, 2012


Psalm 115 really convicted me today.  We have so many idols in our lives.  Food and money and cars and bigger churches, and children and politics and praise bands and computers and Ipads or Iphones.  So many things I worship more than God.  What a great reminder that God is the center!

Also in 116 it talks about the cup of salvation.  We use that image at Revive when we offer the communion cup.  We offer it as the "Cup of salvation."  It was neat to see an OT scripture relate to it!

What did you see today?

Pastor Emily 


mom said...

In 115 I like that we are reminded to trust in the Lord, our help and shield. Nothing made by man can help or shield us like God can.
In 116 I like that God hears my voice and turns His ear to me. He listens to me! God watches over all of our lives, even our death. That makes us want to serve Him.

Lynne Watts said...

Psalm 115 says, Those who make them (idols) will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.

A sobering thought--what we idolize, we become like, we imitate. Where we spend our time, thoughts and energy defines us.