Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Story

Psalm 78 sums up the Bible to me.  Its the story of Israel. The story of a people who loved God, but got it wrong.  Again.  Again.  And Again.  They disobeyed God.  They hurt God.  They turned away.  And no matter how angry God became, he forgave.  He kept trying.  He kept loving. He kept forgiving.

Are you at the end of your rope?  Are you scared and alone?  Are you sitting in the consequences of your sin?

God is reaching out for you too!  God reached out with every tool he had.  Even his son. Himself.  He gave up heaven for you.  Read Psalm 78, and know you are loved.  Complete.  Worth saving.

People will tell you that God is hateful.  That God hates you and others, but its not true.  You are worth it.  You are loved.  Don't let someone else tell you differenly.

You are worth it. God is merciful.  That's our story.

Pastor Emily


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I remember a children's musical about the Ten Commandments. It's important to teach children, the next generation, God's rules and expectations as well as His miracles and of His great love. When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses he knew people couldn't/wouldn't be able to keep them, that people sin. Even though we know God loves us no matter what, it is good to know, remember and teach the children what God says the rules are! Thank God for His love and mercy!