Thursday, July 19, 2012


Wow.  What two interesting Psalms.

I love the images in 93:3-4 about the flood having voices.  I feel like that sometimes.  My to do list has voices.  My demons have voices.  My insecurities have voices.  And they all crash.  Sometimes they muffle God's voice!  But God is mightier!  

I think Psalm 94 is interesting.  Maybe its my love of questions.  I am intrigued by verse 20.  "Can a wicked ruler be your ally; one who wreaks havoc by means of the law?"

I bet David felt like that!  I feel like that sometimes with people who use God's Word or promises for evil.  The pastors or holy people who proclaim God says things that I've never heard or understood.  

What about you?  What insights did you get from the questions?

Pastor Emily 


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Verse 20 makes me think of the activity (or inactivity) of our elected officials in recent years. It seems they are more interested in buying votes than keeping our country free and safe. And, they are too eager to remove all traces of God and our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public eye. So sad . . .
But, I tell myself that God will have the ultimate victory in all things.

mom said...

93 praises God for who He is, rather that His mighty deeds, like we heard in many of the other Psalms. I like the picture of God's majesty being his robe. I also like that God is mightier than the thunder of the waves of the sea!

In 94 I like vs. 19 "When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul." I can remember two times God did that for me in a big way and I'll never forget the peace and calmness He brought me.

Lynne Watts said...

Since I am at the beach, I loved Psalm 93 with all the description of the seas having a voice. I think of the ocean as being a beautiful and powerful representation of God on earth, sometimes raging, sometimes soothing, always moving and changing.