Sunday, July 8, 2012

Escape Route

I was talking with my ever wise mother about our Psalms studies, and as always she gave me perspective.  (She really is amazing if you've not met her, you should and will be blessed!)

She said, "Don't forget David did have real enemies.  Other nations, in his own family.  When he is talking about arrows and being saved from armies, it may be metaphor to us, but its real to him!"

I started thinking that maybe we should have read some more Old Testament before we read these.  Hear more of David's story.  Maybe some blogs going forward I'll tell some more of those stories and give some scripture references.

 Regardless, when I started to write for today, those words were fresh on my brain.

As I read Psalm 71, verse 3 jumped out at me.  "Be my rock of refuge, where I can always escape."  I always wonder why we want to escape this world.  When we could stay and make a change.  When we could make things better, why do we sing longing for heaven.  I have always wondered.

But then I thought of David.  He needed to escape from enemies on Earth.  He wasn't being metaphorical.  How privileged am I to have no one chasing me?  There is no one at home abusing me.  I'm not a soldier.  I don't have bill collectors calling every minute or sending me letters.  I don't have a landlord trying to evict me.  I might disagree with what is going on politically, but no one is "out to get me".  There is no need for me to escape.

But I bet there are people who need it.  So I started to pray.  Deeply, heavily.  For those who need to escape.  That God can be their rock and refuge.  That in the middle of their storms they will find safety!  That they will let God be their strength and song!  Praying that this Psalm can help those in need today, and that I can get out of my own head and love on them!


Pastor Emily

(I also loved all the "lets" in Psalm 72:15-17)


mom said...

I've been reading a book on the UMW book list called The Slave Next Door by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter, and while it has much more information than I can swallow in one reading, it reminds me of all the people held in slavery in homes,in fields and in prostitution in our nation and right here in Atlanta. I would like to pray that God deliver them from the hand of the wicked (71:4).
71:9 Says "Do not cast me away when I am old." I think God is always here with us and that it is us that forget that He is with us through all our trials.
And Psalm 72, wouldn't it be great if we would pray this for our president and other leaders. Lets pray for leaders who will use their power for justice for all.

Lynne Watts said...

As always Mom has a great comment! There is so much slavery all around us and we don't apparently realize it. One of the teachers that I met through KMWPSI is a young girl who is very actively involved in restoring lives and hope to girls who have been subjected to human trafficing. I was humbled by her dedication and knowledge of this subject. Unlike David we aren't pursued by armies whose intent is to kill us, but many people in the world still live this way. How safe and comfortable we are!