Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rely on God

I hear the stories all the time.

"He cheated on his wife with his secretary and he was the pastor!"

"She lied about her age."

"He cheated me out of that money."

"She stole my identity"

Too often we do evil to others.  Today's readings were Psalms 61 and 62, but I saw much parallel between Psalm 60 and Psalm 62.  

60:11, "Give us help against the enemy, human help is worthless."

62:9, "Human beings are nothing but a breath.  Human beings are nothing but lies.  They don't even register on a scale, taken all together.  They are lighter than a breath".

The problem is we are told to rely on others.  To rely on ourselves.  But we are imperfect, sinful, ugly.  We need to work with others.  We need to work for ourselves. But, our reliance can't be on others, but on God.  The more we try to fix things ourselves, or let others fix them for us, the more they will let us down.

Its time we change our perspective.  Start realizing that humans are fallible, and might disappoint us, but there is one who will never disappoint!

Lord--Let us put our expectations into perspective.  Let us love you more than we can ever imagine.  Let us forgive the fallible nature of ourselves and others.  Let us remember, we are nothing compared to you!  Amen!

Pastor Emily 


Lynne Watts said...

I think this is a difficult dilemma. Do you expect people to be sinful, hurtful, so you are not disappointed? Or do you expect people to be good and caring but suffer when they are not? How do you not rely on people but still maintain a positive outlook?

I like the ending of Psalm 62: You, O God are strong and you, O God are loving.

mom said...

62:1 in Today's English- "I depend on God alone." When you get down to it that is true. Can God use people to help us, even if they sin and can't be depended on? YES! He is what makes us more than a breath, something that has some weight on the scale of life, some meaning. Depending on God alone, we can watch for His power and strength coming to us from other people and from within ourselves. We have to stay in His tent and under His wing, by surrendering our every need and concern to Him.