Saturday, August 20, 2011


Scripture--Hebrews 11-Hebrews 13

Today and tomorrow probably have two of my favorite bible verses!  Here is the first:  (11:1) "Faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don't see!"

Lets do a faith check!  Are you hopeful?  Do you believe that what you hope for will happen?  Has happened?  Do you have proof for what you do not see?  Our society asks for proof.  For facts.  Yet, with our faith there's not much we can exactly perfectly point to.  We have to believe.  And its hard!  But its vital to our relationship with God.  With our relationship with others.  So, how is your faith?

So, if its not where you want it to be--what can you do to change it?  To strengthen it?   To revive it?  That's your challenge today!  To see where your faith it--and to fight for it!  To believe in the things you can't see.  To find someone to help you increase your faith.  To find a church service or mission project or quiet place or whatever to help you strengthen it.  I pray your hopes and your faith are strong!

God, sometimes its hard to believe.  Its hard to have faith.  Strengthen our faith.  Increase our hopes. Love us so we have no doubt of your existence.  We want to be close to you.  We want to be yours.  Come into our hearts and make yourself known so that we will follow your ways forever.

Pastor Emily 

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Mary said...

All the great things the Old Testament ancients could do, because they had faith. What great things have happened and are to come because of our faith? Our faith that God loves us and will see us through.