Friday, August 12, 2011

Tough Ones...

Scripture--1 Timothy 1-1 Timothy 3

The next three books are called the Pastoral Epistles.  They are Paul's (or someone else's!  The historical authorship is debated.  See for more information) letters to people he mentored.  Timothy was a young Christian disciple.  He seemed to have grown up in the church, and Paul is giving him guidance and direction.  It is clear that Timothy became a preacher/church planter in his own right and as Paul's right hand man.  Here is the two letters of what Paul has had to say to his disciple!

Observation:  I loved the part at the beginning of 2 about praying for our leaders!  I know I'm thankful for all the prayers I get!   I loved the part in the end of 1 (15-17) where he suggested that we are all sinners (Paul being the biggest of all!)  He goes on to show that's how Christ's race works best!  That because we are sinners, Jesus can show us even more mercy!  And the part at the end of 3 that talks about how leaders should behave!

But I can't skim over the verses in 2:8-15.  I wrote in my bible--"Paul sure is stuck in his own time, isn't he?"  We'll have discussions in blogs or other settings later about "slaves obey your masters".  All scripture can certainly be used for good, but sometimes I wonder how.  Honestly, I struggle with these verses.  

Application:  I probably should try to put less emphasis on how I look and more emphasis on how good of a person I am!  I love my makeup and my pearls.  But, my relationship with God is less about adornment of the outside than adornment of the inside. I agree.  And if I as the Bride of Christ need to submit to Christ--that is true.  I need to do more listening than talking.  I need to try and control the relationship less and love God more.  I agree.  I hope I can take the spirit of these verses, and that God will keep showing me how I can apply these verses while still being the woman that God has made me to be.

What are your thoughts on these?

Prayer:  God, I don't always understand your scriptures.  But I always believe in your Goodness.  Remind  me that you are bigger than words on a page--that you are THE WORD in our heart. Help me to remember that you always have things to teach me, if I'll humble myself and listen.  In your name I pray! Amen. 

August 13--1 Timothy 4-1 Timothy 6
August 14--2 Timothy 1-2 Timothy 4
August 15--Titus 1-Titus 3
August 16--Philemon-Hebrews 1
August 17--Hebrews 2-Hebrews 4
August 18--Hebrews 5-Hebrews 7
August 19--Hebrews  8-Hebrews  10
August 20--Hebrews 11-Hebrews 13
August 21--James 1-James 3
August 22--James 4-1 Peter 1


Mary said...

I liked 1:16 where Paul says he was shown mercy even though he was the worst of sinners, so Jesus could show his patience and so Paul could be an example for those who would believe and receive eternal life. We are examples for others, no matter what we have been/ are being forgiven of.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Mary, I so agree with you! Through our sin and redemption, we are new creatures, reborn with a story to tell and a deeper understanding of human foibles; this helps us to reach out to others who are struggling in their faith or suffering trials. We are ordained to lead by example.

Emily, as I write my daily devotions, I don't always understand the scripture and I pray that God clues me into the one upon which I should expound. He has given me a great trust and I regard it with the utmost thanks to Him as a blessing. I'm with you in Paul being a product of his time, but I want to reread again to hear wisdom beyond the written word and beyond the historical context.

Carol Flores said...

1 Timothy 2:4 says that God desires ALL men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. That is comforting.

Whenever I encounter scripture which seems impossible to understand or to fulfill, I just remember the verse "with God all things are possible" (somebody help me out where that one is). Some things you just gotta give up to God and just keep right on going and loving people into God.