Monday, August 29, 2011


A couple of questions I NEED answered:

1) Is everyone up for ice cream on 9/11?  I don't want to plan it, if people can't come.

2) What next?  I think we definitely take at least a week off--but then what?
a) Do we just stop completely?
b) Do I just use this blog for weekly updates/meditations?
c) Do we start a new study?

My thoughts on a new study would be like this--

  • It would be topical--you all could help me but like:  Prayer or Stories we don't always study or Prophets or Big Questions or a specific Book
  • We'd read no more than 3 chapters a week--normally fewer! 
  • On Monday I'd post the scripture and some questions to think about/respond to.
  • On Thursday or Friday I'd post a meditation/blog response.  Then we'd respond again.
It would be less work, and there would be more chances to catch up.  Thoughts?

Cast your votes now my friends!  I'm up for whatever you are up for!  This has been a great journey!

Pastor Emily 


Lindsay said...

I can do the 11th at 4:00!

I've really enjoyed this summer of scripture, and I love your idea for a new study. Something slower paced... to really let it sink in through the week! I would love that!

Mary said...

I can come on the 11th.

How about some from the prophets leading up to Christmas? Prophesies about the Messiah. How the Old Testament Jews looked at the coming Messiah.