Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forgiven and Loved

Scripture--Hebrews 5-Hebrews 7

Two things today: 
1) I love the end of 5 and the description of needing milk or meat.  Sometimes I am so close to God that God can give me tough meaty things to chew on.  I can work through deep theological questions or tough scripture passages.  But sometimes I'm weak, and just need the simple milk of my favorite hymns or the hugs of sweet children.  One of my mentors in the faith would talk about this a lot.  She'd say, "Emily, I'm in a milk phase right now.  God's feeding me carefully!".  Its a passage that really makes me think!

2) I love the passage in 7:22-28 that describes Jesus as our new priest.  One of the biggest ideals in our theology is that Jesus made a new covenant or promise with God.  That through Jesus we didn't have to give burnt offerings or sacrifices.  That its no longer our responsibility to "make up" for our sins. Because our priest--JESUS--did that for us!   Read it again, and see if you see that!

Do you live as if you are forgiven or as if you are guilty.  I know how I act when I feel guilty about things.  I cower.  I get worried.  I get scared.  I'm not myself.  My mom says that I've never been good at being "sneaky".  You can see when I feel guilty.

Does the world think that you are acting guilty or forgiven?  When we know we are forgiven, we act better to the rest of the world.  We are less judgmental and more loving.  Live into the new covenant. Live into the reality that Jesus has saved you.  Given the ultimate sacrifice.  Paid the ultimate price.

Redeemer!  Savior!  Lord!  Thank you for paying the price for us!  Thank you for forgiving us!  Let us live into your forgiveness and show the world your love!  In YOUR name! Amen

Pastor Emily

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Lindsay said...

Amen! I am not good at being sneaky either. And maybe other's can't tell if I am feeling guilty, but I can't stand it and I feel likes it is so obvious! God doesn't let me get away with living that way! I am reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made, and nothing should stand between me and that gift!

Mary said...

I thought it was an interesting, comparing Jesus to the Hebrew high priests, but not the priests from Moses time on, instead way back to Melchizedek. They were both priests chosen by God, not because of their family line. Jesus is a priest forever, guaranteeing a better covenant/relationship with God. He sacrificed for our sins once and for all! We are forgiven!

The meat of 6:4-6 was too much for me. Can you help me understand? Impossible for those who have once been enlightened, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance?